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Corporate wellness

You want to attract and retain healthy employees. We know how to get that done.

You want to attract and retain healthy employees. We know how to get that done.

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why wonderfly?

Wonderfly is the go-to corporate wellness company for many reasons. Our innovative approach to wellness programs sets us apart from the competition. We understand that one size does not fit all, and therefore offer tailored wellness solutions that meet the unique needs of each organization. This allows for maximum engagement and participation from employees, leading to a more positive and productive workplace environment.

Wonderfly's team of experienced and qualified professionals is dedicated to ensuring that employees are equipped with the tools and resources they need to achieve their wellness goals. From nutritionists and fitness experts to mental health professionals, Wonderfly has a comprehensive range of specialists who work together to deliver holistic wellness solutions.

Our Programs


At Wonderfly, we understand that achieving your fitness goals can be a challenging journey. That's why we offer personalized training programs designed to help you reach your fitness objectives efficiently and effectively. Our experienced personal trainers work with you to create customized workout plans based on your fitness level, goals, and preferences. By choosing personal training with us, you will benefit from one-on-one coaching, expert guidance, and personalized attention, ensuring you get the most out of every workout.

Athlete Training


Looking for a fun and challenging workout that will help you burn fat and build muscle? Look no further than our bootcamp and HIIT classes at Wonderfly! Our high-intensity group workouts are designed to push you to your limits and help you achieve the results you want. Led by our experienced trainers, our classes feature a mix of cardio and strength exercises that will leave you feeling energized and empowered. Plus, our supportive community of like-minded individuals will help keep you motivated and accountable as you work towards your fitness goals.

Private Training


At Wonderfly, we know that proper nutrition is key to achieving and maintaining optimal health and fitness. That's why we offer personalized nutrition coaching services to help you develop healthy eating habits that work for your unique lifestyle and goals. Our experienced nutrition coaches will work with you to create a customized nutrition plan based on your individual needs, preferences, and goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve your overall health, our nutrition coaches will provide you with the support, guidance, and accountability you need to succeed.

Open Gym


Wonderfly is super excited to partner with the world-renowned Arman Taghizadeh, M.D. (Dr. T) of The Mindset Training Institute for our Mental Health Support Program. Arman is a former NCAA Division 1 Athlete and Johns Hopkins trained Board Certified Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist and Sports Psychiatrist. Arman doesn't just talk about your feelings, he specializes in creating actionable steps towards a stronger mindset leading to a happier and healthier life!


100+ 5 Star Reviews. 99.9% Customer Satisfaction.

Faith HFaith H1683241416 ★★★★★ I’m so happy to be back into a gym routine and this team has made it even better than expected with a variety of workouts, fun music and positive encouragement! My endurance has increased and strength is far exceeding expectations due to the amazing coaches! Highly recommended! Love our 6:00 am MWF peeps! Joins us!Shantrice ButlerShantrice Butler1675706204 ★★★★★ I love the trainers at Wonderfly…Kendrick most definitely pushes and motivates you to the next level I just need to apply it and stick with it!!Jeffrey BainbridgeJeffrey Bainbridge1673187124 ★★★★★ Love the variety in the workouts and the support of the group.Jose RodriguezJose Rodriguez1671977113 ★★★★★ Excellent facility with awesome trainers! They build programs based on your goals and needs. Recommend for any athlete that is trying to take their game to the next level!Tierra BellTierra Bell1671489093 ★★★★★ I can proudly say out of all the workout journeys I’ve been on this one definitely stuck. I’m always looking for a new challenge and these guys push me to my limit. Kendrick, Maddie, and Jordan are some of the best trainers out here. Looking forward to continuing my journey with you guysRich MarionRich Marion1671022763 ★★★★★ Kendrick is great. Good variety of exercises and keeps things moving. Thoroughly enjoy his classes.Macey MccreadyMacey Mccready1670856102 ★★★★★ Kendrick is an amazing trainer! His workouts make it easier to get out of bed for a 6am workout. He is incredibly punctual, being prepared and having everything set up by the time we get there. He pushes not only myself but everyone in class to never give up. Though Monday morning's may not be the easiest day to wake up, it always helps to start my morning and week with a workout with Kendrick :)KON DADONKON DADON1670806120 ★★★★★ Great staff, great workoutsAngela WilliamsAngela Williams1670603122 ★★★★★ The workout is intense but it was definitely worth it also the trainers are so sweet they shows concern an support my Blake and the team show the true definition of teamworkBobbie BardzikBobbie Bardzik1670449103 ★★★★★ Great workouts, trainers and community!Dan DonovanDan Donovan1670421077 ★★★★★ Three things you should know about Kendrick Lowery: Temperament, Technique, and Time.Kendrick has the perfect temperament as a trainer. He is intense in his preparation; yet patient and deliberate during his training sessions. He doesn’t shout. He listensKendrick is very focused on technique. He teaches the proper way to perform exercises so that you get the maximum benefit for your efforts.Time. Kendrick puts in the time to study and hone his craft. He’s always learning and conveying that knowledge to his trainees.Add it all together and Kendrick has the experience and the qualities to successfully train a wide range of people— from young athletes seeking to play at the highest levels to men and women just trying to get into better shape and everyone in between.Susan PughSusan Pugh1670360305 ★★★★★ Kendrick’s passion for fitness is contagious! He inspires me to keep going, push harder and never give up. I love Kendricks classes! Always something different with a wide variety of exercises, they are challenging and a good fit for all fitness levels with modification available.douglas Mortondouglas Morton1670285207 ★★★★★ With Kendrick it is never the same routine, always something new and well planned out for the group. It has been great over the past couple years getting fit and having fun too. Kendrick keeps the pressure on to push yourself through the workouts.Charles WhetzelCharles Whetzel1670276955 ★★★★★ I absolutely love it here, the staff and other members from day one have been welcoming, engaging and encouraging. The workouts are challenging and the trainers switch them up so you never really know what’s coming but you always walk away knowing you put in the work. I would recommend Wonderfly to anyone looking for a way toImprove their health and enjoy doing it.Nakai SkinnerNakai Skinner1670276838 ★★★★★ I have been going to Wonderfly for a little over a month now. I have lost almost 20 pds. I go 3x a week. My trainer is Kendrick. He is wonderful and very respectful and understanding. He communicates with me and my gym mates daily. He keeps in contact with us and makes sure we are eating right and staying on track. I really appreciate all he does.Kelly JonesKelly Jones1670270682 ★★★★★ Kendrick is hands down the best personal trainer I have ever had. He has made me fall back in love with working out again and makes the workouts fun but challenging. He really knows how to push you while still motivating you to keep going. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to start or continue their fitness journey. You won’t be disappointed!TheKenyaAlysiaTheKenyaAlysia1670269563 ★★★★★ Kendrick is very detailed oriented. He puts the P in PROFESSIONAL!! He coaches you through all your workouts and knows exactly what he’s talking about.SimisolaSimisola1670269281 ★★★★★ The problem: When I was working out on my own my workouts lacked intensity and the same type of exercises. My routines produced no results.Ken has introduced me to proper exercise mechanics. He uses a wide range of exercises that target ones whole body. Which makes workouts remain interesting! Overall I have more energy and I am motivated to workout. Plus I like the way the gym looks.Benjamin DahunsiBenjamin Dahunsi1670269038 ★★★★★ Kendrick was always punctual for our 6am sessions. He provided a variety of workouts to which were all effective as evidenced by slight pain the next day. I started at wonderfully with goals and believed I met those goals. Very knowledgeable about the workouts and what they target. If you are looking for results wonderfly athletics with Kendrick as your trainer is the way to go.Rashelle JonesRashelle Jones1670268169 ★★★★★ I absolutely LOVE Wonderfly. The classes are challenging and constantly changing so the workouts we do always feel new and fun. The instructors are awesome and super supportive. For anyone who's looking for a fun, exciting place to come and workout and be a part of a great community, Wonderfly is 100% the place to be!Jason LindsayJason Lindsay1670267938 ★★★★★ My trainer is Kendrick, i went in there trying to get faster and that is what i did! I went in there running a 4.7 40 time consistently and with a couple months of hard work i ran a 4.4 40 time at a camp. He gets you right. I didn’t only get faster but i maintained my weight and got stronger. He got me better and ready for my season. All the work he had me doing it translated to the field. GET AT HIM.Bamboo AustinBamboo Austin1670267714 ★★★★★ My guy Kendrick is the best. Worth every middle finger I’ve ever given him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Arika Lyle-WardArika Lyle-Ward1670259725 ★★★★★ I have two children currently working with Wonderly Athletics and it’s been a great experience! The trainers are always organized in their lesson plan and agile enough to adjust based on my kids injury status or their mood. My kids really enjoy their trainer and I’ve seen growth in a short time. Great communication, flexible scheduling….I’ll definitely continue to sign them up for future sessions!Shannon MassieShannon Massie1670254233 ★★★★★ This place is the best and feels like home when you step in.Ashlyn DaceyAshlyn Dacey1670087557 ★★★★★ Loved my experience at wonderfly! Shout out to Maddy for leading a great workout!Delaney ChriscoDelaney Chrisco1670007411 ★★★★★ Great environment and great programs! All the trainers are so sweet and knowledgeable. Trained here for lacrosse with lifts, conditioning, wall ball, shooting, etc!Katie AthearnKatie Athearn1670004536 ★★★★★ Great staff and a fun environment!! I always have fantastic personal training sessions with Maddy. She’s very knowledgable and selects exercises that are best for me and my goals — it really helps me stay on track with my fitness routine. She’s also very personable and friendly — she seems to be able to get along with anyone. I can tell that she truly cares about my health & wellness journey.Sage AllenSage Allen1670002927 ★★★★★ Great gym with great trainers! Maddy is wonderful to work with!Rosie MyersRosie Myers1670001775 ★★★★★ The best gym with awesome trainers! Have loved every class I've done hereBen MillerBen Miller1670001757 ★★★★★ Great classes with intense workouts! Maddy is a great trainer and class leader! Always feel fully exhausted in the best way.Oscar WebbOscar Webb1670000687 ★★★★★ The staff is very professional and always available to answer any questions. They're dedicated to helping you reach your goals.Lisa Norman-JohnsonLisa Norman-Johnson1669941064 ★★★★★ I thoroughly enjoyed my personal training sessions with Kendrick. He is professional and patient. He tailored my workouts to meet my personal goals and overcome my limitations. I highly recommend Wonderfly!Hana BakerHana Baker1669919079 ★★★★★ Amazing and diverse trainers/coaches with a wealth of knowledge that help build sustainable strength and change of habit. Inviting and friendly gym culture that is highly inclusive.I joined Wonderfly to meet a goal to run a 10K in under 75 minutes without having ran since high school (13+ years ago). I trained with their running and speed coach for 3 months and out performed my goal in 55 minutes, placing in the top 11% of the race. Needless to say this is the start of me getting back in shape and regaining confidence.Thank you Wonderfly!Christine BrownChristine Brown1667877710 ★★★★★ Hands down, the best choice I’ve made is training at Wonderfly. Friendly staff! DJ is an awesome personal trainer. The workouts are fun. Exercise is new to me. He gives hands-on feedback and adjustment during the workouts. You have taken me to the next level, and I am thrilled with the routines you have developed for me. You keep me interested and motivated. Thank you for taking me on this journey. I highly recommend this gym to all my family and friends!Kala JenkinsKala Jenkins1657896651 ★★★★★ The staff was amazing. Everyone is always friendly, welcoming and polite. I always felt very comfortable when attending any class. You can tell they have a true passion for Fitness, down to how they dress, there knowledge on fitness and how to safely workout without injury. I have even met some women here and become friends after my trail with the program. If you want a fitness program and facility that focuses on people helping people this is the right place.Hal PalHal Pal1654874635 ★★★★★ I started searching for a personal trainer a few months ago. Due to having lung damage my health wasn’t great and I just needed to improve my overall health and well-being. I wanted to improve my endurance and lung capacity and finally realized I couldn’t do it alone (and didn’t know what I was doing). After a lot of research I found wonderfly and Jordan reached out to me and was super proactive with finding a trainer that could help me with my goals! I was paired with Jenna and have been training with her for about 4 months and I’m so happy. I feel healthier, have more energy, my endurance has improved so much, my confidence has gone up in the gym and I go to the gym regularly on my own now. Jenna is amazing, she pushes me and helps make sure I’m doing everything right, she teaches me new things and any questions I have no matter what are answered. I have so much more knowledge now that I never had before, my mindset especially has totally changed for the better. I went from just wanting to improve endurance to wanting to be stronger on top of it. Long story short I think it’s safe to say wonderfly has been a huge part of my health journey that has helped change my life in such a positive way.Samantha LesterSamantha Lester1654869766 ★★★★★ I joined the Wonderfly community in January 2021. I actually went to book my children’s birthday at the arena (which is also way cool) and when I saw they offered athletics I didn’t think twice and signed up. I’m so glad I did. Through competent trainers, a motivating program, and a group of awesome people (at all fitness levels) I have seen major gains. I feel well supported at Wonderfly and know that if I have a question the resources are there. This is a judgement free zone of positive, goal oriented individuals. Traditional gym never worked for me. I would spend more time figuring out my playlist than actually exercising. Here I show up ready to work and the trainers have a dummy proof workout lined up. Leaves little room for excuses. I definitely recommend if you want fitness direction and a supportive community.Chelsea FeeneyChelsea Feeney1651342317 ★★★★★ Wonderfly Athletics is an awesome gym! The set up is great with a stocked weight room and large turf area for bigger group sessions and speed/agility training. The trainers are always so welcoming and truly take time to get to know gymmembers. The atmosphere is very fun and comfortable. There is always some hype up music playing and great conversations in between sets!Hands down favorite gym I’ve been to! 👏🏼👏🏼Teriko HallTeriko Hall1651238730 ★★★★★ JB is The Goat of Fitness, from my very first workout on 3 day free trial, I was hooked!!! The staff is Incredible, WonderFly Athletics can taylor fit a regiment to any and all skills levels...I definitely recommend anyone with any fitness goals to give them a try. #lifechangingSeanSean1644463009 ★★★★★ This crew has some of the best personal trainers around. Everyone here is friendly, professional, and so knowledgeable. You really wont find a better gym in the area.Devin PhelpsDevin Phelps1643860267 ★★★★★ State of the art training facility, best in the Baltimore area! Go see the facility you won’t be disappointed.Stephen HartleyStephen Hartley1643740896 ★★★★★ I'm in my 2nd week there. After I signed up and a start date was establish a start date I didn't show. Later that afternoon Jordan reached out to me to see if everything was okay. That meant the world because it was more than just money. I go to the 6 am class the Jordan modifies workouts to fit your health. He has gone over nutrition and hydration with me. Also checks in on me to see how I'm feeling after workouts. So, if you are looking for a place that cares and are concerned with you health I would highly recommend them.Kendrick LoweryKendrick Lowery1640901424 ★★★★★ This is by far the greatest gym I’ve ever been to! Super fun atmosphere, and the staff is very friendly. Would highly recommend.Roger PriceRoger Price1640895951 ★★★★★ Soccer trainer is excellent.Kym HurdleKym Hurdle1637676445 ★★★★★ This is a wonderfully dedicated team! Even when I couldn’t get to classes, Jordan set me up with an amazing workout that I can do at work and and home. I’m currently down 12 pounds and I feel great.Joe EnseyJoe Ensey1630356458 ★★★★★ If you really want to challenge yourself in a positive group exercise class HERE IS THE PLACE TO BE!! Plus fun activities for all agesNatalie LouxNatalie Loux1626361031 ★★★★★ Working out at Jb has been great! The trainers really motivate and push you to do your best in order for you to see results!Kristen TluchowskiKristen Tluchowski1626358725 ★★★★★ Many gyms can offer you good classes that will help you get into shape, but JB also has a great community of instructors. Everyone is so personable and they really do a good job of making every person feel welcome. The classes are tough, but also very enjoyable!Kelly AllenderKelly Allender1626280398 ★★★★★ love this gym and their trainers!Ryan FeyRyan Fey1625772034 ★★★★★ Jordan is super professional and flexible to whatever fitness goals you're looking to achieve. Helped me a lot with increasing my endurance and full body strength!Dez StewardDez Steward1625771499 ★★★★★ Very professional & knowledgeable about specific fitness goalsZachary BaoZachary Bao1624886501 ★★★★★ The trainers are very knowledgable and good at what they do, they do a good job at improving your athleticism. If you're an athlete and are looking to be pushed to your limit and stay motivated, this is the right place for you.tripp larsentripp larsen1620602087 ★★★★★ Here there is a great mix of team environment while trying to push to help you improve individually. Though I am in a group workout, I feel as if I have my own personal trainer and nutritionist. Very strongly recommend to anyone who is trying to improve athletically or trying to get back in shape.Ryan KellyRyan Kelly1620600376 ★★★★★ It’s good work out plaec 👍Michelle MoultrieMichelle Moultrie1620055319 ★★★★★ I joined Jb performance through their 21 day challenge and loved it!!Jordan and his team were professional, supportive, and responsive. I was given a ton a great resources to assist me in my 21 day challenge, from dietary guidelines to access to the Jb team members for additional support.The facility has a great vibe, this is not your traditional “gym”! The relaxed atmosphere immediately puts you at ease and you know just by walking in that you are apart of a community. You can tell that not only the team members but also the clients love it there.Cynthia SmithCynthia Smith1615224652 ★★★★★ My grandson really enjoys his workouts with JordanKatie LovellKatie Lovell1614866254 ★★★★★ My two Highschool aged boys enjoy attending athlete development with Jordan and feel he pushes them to work their hardest during the workouts.Tommy CashmanTommy Cashman1611415955 ★★★★★ Great trainer for lacrosse, has improve my game a lot.Alvin ParkerAlvin Parker1610820410 ★★★★★ Proud to use this gym and build with them, place is up to par with any private gym in the Baltimore, I actually hold basketball training their myself and they have been great host and partners in building the community and future athletes!Wendy MillhausenWendy Millhausen1610809306 ★★★★★ The staff at Jb performance are very professional, and workouts are personalized to your needs. The gym at Wonderfly Arena is spacious, and the turf field that is perfect for team workouts.Jake WinnerJake Winner1610759450 ★★★★★ I had been shopping around a few trainers to try to get me back in shape. I felt like I had let go and wanted to get back in the shape I was a few years ago. After the first week I already signed up for a 6 month membership. Jordan goes above and beyond to work with you 24/7 and that’s one thing no one else was able to offer.Jake FordJake Ford1610759325 ★★★★★ When I first started with Jordan, I wanted to get back into shape. Once I sat down for the nutrition consultation I knew Jordan and his team were legit. After 1 months and 12 sessions, I already saw improvements and was so pleased. After the first 2 months I have already signed up for a full year membership.Danny LiftsDanny Lifts1606778323 ★★★★★ One of the best training facilities that I’ve been to. Great staff, great workouts, great environment. So glad that I found JB Performance!Katrina A. GrayKatrina A. Gray1606354295 ★★★★★ I came across an advertisement on social media and decided to give Jordan a call. He’s professional and works well with my unpredictable schedule. Corey and Danielle worked me OUT!! It’s exactly what I needed to jump start getting in shape a year postpartum. Will definitely continue to support the whole crew here!D GreenD Green1606348043 ★★★★★ Great atmosphere, state of the art facility, knowledgeable trainer, hidden gem in the Baltimore areaBrooke BeruffBrooke Beruff1606336864 ★★★★★ I have had a wonderful experience with my training sessions. I am already seeing results after a few weeks! I highly recommend if you want to get toned, strong and loose weight.Michael AtunraseMichael Atunrase1603217124 ★★★★★ Jb performance is the best sports performance center in the south Baltimore area! The facility, the programming, and the amenities are second to none. This is an athlete’s dream house!Hunter SheltonHunter Shelton1602526680 ★★★★★ Great team of trainers! They are passionate about helping their clients achieve their goals and have the knowledge to do it. Extremely knowledgeable so they can tailor your workout to you. They know how to adjust workouts to avoid aggravating injuries while still getting the most out of the workout.Definitely worth the money for those that are willing to push themselves.Tevin MillerTevin Miller1602467635 ★★★★★ Great Atmosphere with top of the line elite equipment. From personal training to extreme weight lifting and great place to work out and feel at home.Lesley PierceLesley Pierce1597748445 ★★★★★ Jb performance is the place to go if you’re looking for someone that knows what they are doing and pushes you to achieve new levels of fitness. The best part is, you are given life tools you can use to continue your fitness and nutrition journey when the time comes to go on your own. Highly recommend.Graham BuckGraham Buck1596582190 ★★★★★ Working with Jordan is great! He’s very knowledgeable and makes a great couch. Definitely recommend training with JB!Erica ParkErica Park1596577809 ★★★★★ I’ve been virtually training with JB Performance for 3 months and have seen a huge improvement in my own fitness. Jordan is great at helping you set high but realistic goals, and pushing you to stay motivated and focused. He's also great at giving lifestyle tips outside of the training itself that have helped me change my daily habits for the better. I would highly recommend his services to everyone!Aaron SmithAaron Smith1596566667 ★★★★★ I just recently started working with Jordan and his team and they are unlike any group of people I've met before. The level of commitment and dedication I get from everyone at JB Performance is unmatched. I've seen results almost immediately. He utilizes unique and advanced training concepts to push me every time I'm there and creates a custom workout for my goals before I even arrive.Justin OatesJustin Oates1596551877 ★★★★★ JB Performance will not fail you one bit. Any questionms on fitness and or how to improve yourself everyday there is always an answer. Great 101 action in person while training. Very high in intensity and great stregth work. My brother and I have been involved with JB performance for over a month now and see great results just in this period of time. Highley recommend if wanting to get better and improve on any skills you have no matter the sport.Jordan OatesJordan Oates1596027814 ★★★★★ I recommend Jb Performace to any and every type of athlete if they want to improve their overall performace on the field or the court. Even if you don't play a sport this place is still great to get in shape. Me and my brother have been training at Jb Performace for the past month and we both are already seeing some great improvements. Jb performace not only helps you at the site, they provide diet tips and workouts plans that allow you improve on your own as well. Once again Jb performace is a great place and I recommend it to everyone.Anna HodgesAnna Hodges1596027157 ★★★★★ Not only do I love this space so much, but Jordan is the first trainer who has really helped me to become so much stronger without me dreading the process. I actually enjoy coming in now for strength training (not something I ever thought I'd say!) three times a week! Very happy with this trainer and company :)Charles BagleyCharles Bagley1589480379 ★★★★★ Jordan offers a versatile workout experience for anyone looking to getting in shape. His burn36 workouts are tremendous and Jordan is very knowledgeable of the exercises he teaches. Highly recommend JB performance and Jordan!Casey BoyleCasey Boyle1587991480 ★★★★★ Great trainer and great workouts for individuals of all levels of workout experience. Highly recommend!Sydney ParkerSydney Parker1587830631 ★★★★★ Jb performance is just what I needed as a field hockey player looking to strength condition off the field. He has equipped me with ways to boost my workouts that I had never experienced playing sports throughout high school and now into college. I've never been happier with the outcomes I have seen so far, and very excited to continue this journey! Highly recommend Jb performance if you are an athlete looking to take your play to that next step.Stacia DerStacia Der1587757058 ★★★★★ I’ve always dreaded doing cardio and am not exactly a weight lifting kinda gal. If you’re like me or just want to try something different to keep you on your toes, Jb performance is PERFECT! Jordan does a great job in creating strength training workouts that increase your heart rate and overall improve your abilities as an athlete. I can confidently say with his assistance I’ve grown stronger and more confident in my physical beingDavid BoydDavid Boyd1583429037 ★★★★★ This guy Jordan really knows his stuff. He improved my form, introduced me to new and ingenious full body activation movements, and helped me break personal goals I had for years. A true master of his craft. Plus he’s pretty big.Zachary MillhausenZachary Millhausen1573498594 ★★★★★ These workout will change your life and improve your overall health.js_loader

the team

Jordan millhausen

Founder and coo



Jordan Millhausen is the founder of Wonderfly Athletics. He is a NASM certified trainer with a NASM PES (Performance Enhancement Specialization). He has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry working with everyone from youth to professional athletes. He specializes in jump training, calisthenics, and lacrosse. If you are looking to master your body control and become the most explosive athlete on the field/court, he is your guy.

Maddy Miller

Director of training

WOMEN'S LACROSSe/Weight-loss specialist


Maddy is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and former DIII women's lacrosse player and coach. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biology at the University of Mary Washington. Maddy was a member of the women's lacrosse team in college, and after college wanted to continue her love for sports and performance training. She has experience working with lacrosse athletes as well as adults on their fitness journeys. Come join Maddy for an IGNITE410 fitness class to get your journey kickstarted!

tim rider

Speed and strength specialist focusing on soccer


Tim Rider joins the Wonderfly Athletics team as a Master Trainer with over 21 years of industry experience. He has a laundry list of qualifications; ACTION certified personal trainer, USATF Level 1, USATF Level 2 Sprints, Hurdles and Relays, NSPA Speed and Agility Certified, NSPA Weightlifting Performance Certified, and he holds a USA soccer coaching license. He has experience working with youth through adults from beginner exercise to advanced athletes. If you are looking for a highly qualified trainer to GUARANTEE success, he is your guy.

Dave Manning

CSCS, Lacrosse, strength and conditioning specialist


David is currently the Head of Strength & Conditioning for Loyola University Maryland Men’s Lacrosse Team. He holds a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and is CSCS certified. Prior to returning to Baltimore to work for his alma mater Loyola MD, David played professional lacrosse in the MLL from 2016-2020 and coached lacrosse at the collegiate and high school levels. David has experience working with athletes of all ages, sports, and abilities. Contact him for team, small group, or individual training and lacrosse lessons!

Kendrick Lowery



Kendrick Lowery played Division I football at Coastal Carolina University where he received his Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science. Kendrick specializes in football skills and performance training.  If you are looking to gain muscle, run faster, and be more explosive, then he is your guy.

Tavion Mack

Football specialist, strength & Mobility


Tavion Mack is a Wonderfly Athletics Master Trainer and former D1 football player at Morgan State University. In high school Tavion was a star athlete in basketball, football, and track receiving a multitude of awards and honorable mentions. Tavion specializes in athlete development focusing on mobility, speed, and reactive abilities.

caroline harvey

Yoga, mobility specialist


Caroline grew up performing in theater & film, practicing yoga, and also playing soccer & tennis. Caroline is a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) who specializes in adaptive yoga. When she’s not in the gym, she loves to get outside with her dogs!

Lindsay melvin



Lindsay Melvin played Division 1 lacrosse at George Washington University where she received her bachelors in Communication and minored in Exercise Science and Women's Studies. Lindsay has coached for competitive Baltimore area high school and club programs and enjoys private and small group training as well. She works with a variety of athletes ranging in skill levels from beginners to high school athletes working to play at the next level. Lindsay aims to improve skills and confidence and help her athletes reach their potential. 

Caleb evans

CSCS, Football specialist


Caleb is a CSCS certified Trainer and former College football player. He has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and minors in performance fitness and Conditioning, specializing in weightlifting and football training. He is always willing to work with people all ages and fitness levels and pushes everyone to their highest limits. Work with Caleb to achieve your maximum potential!

Our locations

Wonderfly Athletics Catonsville 

4811 Benson Ave Arbutus, MD 21227

Wonderfly Athletics Timonium 

1913 Greenspring Ave Timonium, MD 21093


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