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Build Strength, Develop Killer Speed, Become Elite

Build Strength, Develop Killer Speed, Become Elite

The unleash method

Here is UNLEASH by Wonderfly Athletics. A one of a kind 360 Degree approach to elite human performance. Our revolutionary approach combines workouts, nutrition, and mindset coaching to allow athletes to reach peak physical and mental performance

  • Transfer power to the court and/or field
  • Develop killer speed and agility
  • skyrocket full-body strength and power
  • Maximize athletic confidence
  • Suitable for boys and girls of all ages 8-18

Results Focused


Average Vertical

Vertical jump height is the single greatest indicator of overall athletic performance. The higher you can jump the faster, quicker, and stronger you will be.


Average Broad Jump

The broad jump is also a great indicator of athletic performance. The farther you can jump the faster, quicker, and stronger you will be.


Average 5-10-5

The ability to change directions, accelerate, and reach top speed in the quickest amount of time is what separates regular athletes from elite athletes. 


Average Deadlift + Squat

Strength is the key to unlocking higher vertical, farther broad jump, and elite acceleration and speed.


The safety of our members is the most important aspect of what we do. We go to extensive lengths to ensure the safest environment possible. Temperature checks on arrival, hand sanitizer bottles easily accessible at all times, ULV cleansing fogger gun, social distancing, mandatory masks; all a part of the routine! With us you can trust that you are safe, that's an Ignite promise. Want more info? Watch the video and click the button below.

  • 13,000 sq ft of open space
  • Hand sanitizers in all areas
  • Clean and sanitized equipment

The Wonderfly Advantage

become an elite athlete with results-driven training

The Area's Best Trainers

You know what they say? If you want to be the best you need to learn from the best. What better way to learn than from the areas best trainers.

24/7 Goal-Based Support

What separates Wonderfly Athletics from other programs is our promise of 24/7 support. Email, call, or text any time of the day. We are here for you!

Run faster, jump higher, be more confident

Wonderfly Athletics combines the world's most advanced training methods to bring you the newest and most innovative way to become an ELITE athlete.

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